Sunday, 16 August 2009


The Tv3 poll tonight must be the deathblow for Phil Goff.

There will be a BBQ at Cunners place before the weekends out we reckon.

National is up 2.1 percent to 58.1, which gives them a commanding 72 seats in Parliament.

Labour is down 0.8 to 29.2, the Greens pick up some of that and move to 7.5 percent.

The rest make up the numbers – Act is down to 1.4 percent, the Maori party is 1.2, Winston Peters’ New Zealand First has a few diehards left at 1 percent, but Peter Dunne has even fewer – just 2 people out of 1,000 say they will vote for United Future.

In the preferred Prime Minister stakes John Key is up to 51.5, a commanding lead over New York-based Helen Clark who drops back to eight but still ahead of Phil Goff – who glides to 6.5 percent.

Everyone, despite the economic slump still has faith in our boy John.
But as for Goff -

Shit he cant even beat Clark... Rooted he is Rooted.


gravedodger said...

The polsters must have called the Dunne household and talked to Mr before asking for the account payer.

Observer said...

Rooted by a 'beautiful Indian woman"?


Gaffe will be the dog roasted at Liarbour's next bbq.