Wednesday, 5 August 2009


We concurred yesterday with Rob Hosking that Bill English is an honest bugger. Today we saw just how honourable he is. He is paying back half of the $24k accommodation allowance he claimed.

Now we are aghast that Whale Oil called for Bill to step down
- there would be no need for him to do that unless he has misled his boss.

And we there is no way an honourable Southland bred bugger like Bill would mislead his boss.


B.S. said...

Agreed. This is a side show that is taking away valuable time from sorting out the huge fucks up of the last decade. Get over it and move on.

homepaddock said...

Bill's shown that Honourable isn't just a title for this adminsitration, it's a description of behaviour.

alex Masterely said...

Well said.
Cometh the hour cometh Bill. He is doing a marvellous job and showing the previous adminstration what an honourable gentleman is.