Sunday, 16 August 2009


We have purchased these two wee dorper lambs and their mum. They are both ewes (girls). They are a cross between Dorsets and Persian sheep ( hence DorPer. They are worm resistant , mature fast, fercund, and fatten quick. So heres the challenge - what to call them?
They rule the paddock of lambs, are very bossy, and bleat a lot.

And of course if anyone has any handy hints we would be pleased to get more info.

So fire away - and the more UnPC the better. And we would like a political spin on the names , so to speak.

UPDATE - WE ARE NOT GOING TO EAT THESE GIRLS. Hell they cost as much each as a champers lunch at Euro with Cactus! They are breeders


Anonymous said...

They're both black, so how about Trevor and Don (despite them being girls)?

wino said...

The dorpers I have met appear to have a temperment that is part goat so watch your fencing for escape holes. Also they aren't noted for having great feet (you can't have everything in a sheep I guess :-) Apart from Timmy and Max the calf day lambs I had as a kid ours if named used to get Chop and Sausage and Leggo and similar.

kehua said...

Xmas and Easter

Cactus Kate said...

Helen and Judith

Gives you more satisfaction when they are shipped off to the murder house.

gravedodger said...

They are intended to be breeders but many a slip between cup and lip comes to mind. Some years ago our girls (human) had pet lambs one of which was Tricia. To cut to the chase after 3 years of no issue (she was a registered south suffolk, hence the second and third chances and bred for meat not fertility) a family group conference was called to settle Tricia's future. After some, admittedly dominated by the olds, discussion it was resolved to turn her into sausages, a convenient and much loved meat option. All went without problems and for sometime after questions as to "is this Tricia" it was apparent that several lessons were learnt. eg where do animals passed use by go and that for us to indulge in the unsavoury(pun intended) act of eating dead animal flesh an animal must die. It was all good and Tricia's sacrifice is occasionally recalled. So remember as my dad said often where there are live ones there will be dead ones and your, I imagine beautiful property, 20 years in the Wairarapa, will probably be baked hard and dry when the unfortunate happens as it will and digging will be hard. Sods law applies. All the best with the flock they are certainly an interesting breed

Anonymous said...

Ah thats easy - H1 and H2, both girls, stroppy, part goat temperament, definitely on the lookout for escape routes, only trouble is they arent proven breeders :)

Whaleoil said...

Lambchop and Muttonchops

salt and pepper

nigger and sooty

sailboi said...

Our friends Viv and Judy Forbes are raising Dorper and Damara on 600 acres in Queensland. They use Llamas to protect these from Dingos, but sometimes the Dingos score. Naturally, the government outlawed using traps for the Dingo, and now it;s trying to stop all land clearing for grazing (Global Warming, you know)

You can support Viv's work against Green Lunacy by sharing his site to others:

Yeah, on the name, I think Helen should be one - even though we now think of Helen as a guy's name :-)

Farmer of sheep said...

If you're not going to invite them to live inside I suggest you call them sheep, if you are then Pet1 and Pet2 come to mind!

gravedodger said...

Farmer of sheep, petone I understand but pettwo, that is not a language I know.

Farmer said...

That's spelled "Pettoo" and is a small village in the outer reaches of Fantesy Island (-_-), hope that helps.