Sunday, 9 August 2009


We blogged on the TV3 kids Can charity yesterday - we smell PR all over this one. And bugger me we buy the Sunday Star Times and Michael Laws has the same sense of unease.

Good on him , we hope there is more scrutiny of this event...

UPDATE :And there is - Keeping Stock joins the fray.


Keeping Stock said...

We have a post timed to load up at 6.01pm - after the "telethon" concludes. If we tell you that we haven't donated one cent, you'll get an idea of where we are coming from ;)

Anonymous said...

Well, you might've got me thinking until you mentioned Michael Laws.
Kia Tupato

alex Masterley said...

Don't do telethons.
Couldn't stand them in the past, can't stand them now.
I do believe in service clubs and the understated good that they do.

Spam said...

My wife is a lot more trusting / less cynical than I am, and even she had reservations about this. Her main concern was that it would allow parents to default on providing the basics to their children, in the knowledge that "charity" would pick-up the difference.

While they were saying that this is to provide shoes, raincoats and lunch, we understand that some schools are already providing breakfast to students. Well, we have porridge each morning. A $5 bag last us around 2 weeks (for the two of us), and with milk it means we have breakfast for less than $2 a day. Can the "poor" really not afford this?