Sunday, 23 August 2009


We are huge fans of the Masterton Sunday morning flea market. They have a organic farmers market on the Saturday and its great but bloody pricey. If you want a jar of jam or pickles from the Saturday food fest then you will pay $6 bucks. On Sunday some sweet little grannies sell stuff at $2-3 a jar.. So we always buy a few bikkies, plants, as they are dirt cheap, and then there is the car boot stuff - its a whole other world.

There are a few regular traders but mostly its lean pickings.

This morning there was a lovely woman who had some stuff that was a cut above some of the vinyl and lace clothes, tired shoes and kitchen tat that is spread out on old blankets by forlorn people trying to get a buck for crap.

Anyway we were squizzing at some of her stuff when, what was obviously her mum says,
"She has some lovely stuff you know - its such a shame."
I say " yep she does I want that wrought iron ceiling pot hanger,"

Daughter says - " Its thirty dollars"

Mother lets out a wail-

"Oh that is such a bargain - it used to look so lovely when she had the big house and big kitchen but now she only has a small kitchen,"she tells me....
Daughter gives me a sickly smile - stares daggers at her Ma.

I hope she uses the money i gave her to buy some duct tape to plaster over the old biddys gob.

Anyway - next up was a old truck with a very old pretty dilapidated set of drawers on the back.. They were black with age and splattered with bird shit.

They asked $90 - I got them for $75. The girl told she was selling stuff so she could register her car as she had a wee baby and needed to get around.

Anyway-- we got to the Block and cleaned down the chest of drawers - it was what I suspected - Kauri... It cleaned up wonderfully.
A good day.

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