Sunday, 23 August 2009


We have been watching the country, in not so subtle terms say via the referendum, that they do not like the anti smacking legislation. Neither do we.
The sad fact is with or without the legislation kids will still be killed.
If Key fiddles with the legislation will it fix this huge social ill. No
If it is scrapped altogether will it stop babies being killed. No
Will the shrill cry for another crack at anti smacking legislation stop children being slaughtered by the ones who are supposed to care for them and guide them on lifes journey? - No,
Will we see a sharper focus on the most at risk families? - That's what we need.

The debate about this sorry legislation should shift focus. Both sides have people who care about kids and who want a better society.

It is time for them to find a way to work together to stop the child killing that has become the nations shame.


kehua said...

Instead of an anti slapping, anti violence to kids campaign how about a National We Love Kids, Babies are precious campaign. Back this up with a `priority sentencing`. ie Kill a child/baby and you will be dealt to immediately, never mind the greiving crap or the psycho reports. Charge them, sentence them and do it within a month,that way we remember the tragedy and we remember the penalty. God bless those little dead babies.

Anonymous said...

I was walking yesterday with a friend who used to be a Karitane nurse. It brought to mind just how much damage we have done to society by getting rid of the Karitane's, Plunket nurses, and Community nurses. The Karitane's educated (and also protected) new mothers who had no idea of raising a baby, Plunkets got into the homes, and Community nurses picked up many young girls from school who were perhaps not highly educated enough for general nursing, but had the attributes for learning to care for people. I wonder how much correlation there is between the lack of these women in society and the current increasing incidence of child abuse.