Friday, 21 August 2009


We were gobsmacked when the Scottish Govt released the only terrorist convicted of the Lockerbie plane bombing.

We understand that there are sometimes grounds for compassion but this is not one of them. This was one of the most callous pre meditated mass murder events of our time.

How could the Scottish government not see that this man would be given a hero's welcome in his homeland.

He has three months to live, He can walk, he can talk, he can eat and he will continue preach the vile corrupted doctrine that his ilk live by.

While the Scottish government's move may be some misguided attempt to appear as a compassionate nation, they have not shown the same compassion to the living victims, the families who waited long years for justice, and who now see the killers of their loved ones laugh in the face of all good people.


alex Masterley said...

I was hoping he would rot in jail until he passed on.
to say I am disappointed with the Scots is an understatement.
Old Hoborn has some interesting views.

pdm said...

I am presently in Dunblane,Scotland staying with my cousin. Her family is not impressed.

Anonymous said...

Um, he probably didn't do it.