Saturday, 15 August 2009


Here's a scandal in the making. All big ships are supposed to carry transponders which means they are tracked all the time. This one didn't have its one turned on which is illegal. And it disappeared. It may have been sighted but no one is really sure what its been up to. There is huge speculation as to why it disappeared. Pirates, mafia dispute or a commercial argument.

Anyway we will keep an eye on this intriging yarn.


alex Masterley said...

Some fishy here RP, something fishy indeed.
I'm watching it too. The way the Russki's have reacted is intriquing in the extreme

Anonymous said...

It did have a transponder. "Somebody" turned it off. Sources: BBC News America, ABC New USA, 08/13/09 (US time).

American friend

Anonymous said...

Does it look like a PRAWN Trawler?

euminedes said...

thanks Anon. Correction noted..

Observer said...

Given the thousands of ships sitting at anchor at places like Singapore, Hong Kong etc., I would bet on it being scuttled for an insurance claim. Companies like OOCL are taking delivery of new ships, ordered years ago and costing a couple of hundred mill a piece, and just parking them while they wait for international trade to pick up and need their capacity. Last I heard there were OVER 500 ships anchored off Singapore alone! If you haven't got a big wodge of cash to keep paying the bills with, an insurance claim might seem like a good idea!