Sunday, 2 August 2009


We have spent most of the weekend planting bulbs, digging and pruning fruit trees. It was good for the soul and the shape.

We had a wee korero with Cactus yesterday ( love that skype and the new XT. ) and as both of us have been in and around business we both share the same outrage at the $14,000 MP incidental allowance. Now we agree that its a good idea that this allowance exists but just like everyone else in the real world it should be for "actual and reasonable expenses and that should be backed up with reciepts. "

Now Kiwiblog is a fan of the allowance wh
ich has been set by the Renumeration authority based on historical evidence.

We watched the undoing of many Brit MP's after the media lifted the lid on what MP's did with their allowances. It was all mole catchers and moat cleaning.

So we disagree with Kiwiblog , disagree vehemently.

We have every right to know what the buggers are spending our taxpayers dollars on. They are not special citizens - merely men and women elected to do a job and they get paid well for it.So just like all of us in business or the public service they should be fully accountable for every dam cent we give them. It is no more odious for them as it is for us to have to furnish receipts for every bit of spending. It is just part of the business of doing business.

If John Key wants to head this off at the pass then he should stop this silliness and put in place better accountability. We don't need to know who has spent what in the past but under his government we should know what all MP's are up to from this day on.


Cactus Kate said...


I am faced with probably 3 hours work sorting out 7 weeks of business expenses as I have been on the road.

It's not that hard! Just dull to manage.

I'd love a travel allowance. But it will never happen as my Boss wants me to be accountable for what I am actually spending.

kehua said...

Gotta wonder if the `perks` were to disappear, we might end up with a bunch of dak smoking, unwashed skate boarding bene`s running the show.