Sunday, 16 August 2009


The sad story of Millie Elders fall from grace from P is a wake up call for all New Zealanders that we must renew any efforts to reduce this social plague on so many houses.

The saddest part of this story is not that she is facing jail or that her father is no longer talking to her, it is that she is in the thrall of the Headhunters. These arseholes have infiltrated the top end of Auckland society whose populus also thirst for this drug. In fact it is clear to see that this gang of bad bad men are now part of what would once be seen as the Auckland establishment.

Every third celebrity kid is on P and undoubtedly it is because they are being fed the drug by the gang. The gang members and their ilk are now fashionable accessories at all the best parties. They have been legitimised. And Aucklanders who have the wit, will and station should stop legitimising the Headhunters and others of their ilk by shunning them.

It is time for the police to go to war and we mean that in the most literal sense. Headhunters are little more than paedophiles preying on the young, their gratification coming from the power they have over their victims and the money they get in return for P.

These drug paedophiles should be treated the same as their sexually deviant cousins. Their drug crimes just as odious as baby rape. These crimes against some of our brightest and best strips innocence , just the same. Leaving the victims spent shells, scared forever.

If you have worked with those who have been raped and those who are under the spell of drugs you see in their eyes the face of the same ugly demon.

We want girls like Millie to grow up good. Not growing up believing that the very men who fed her the stuff that fried her brain are her saviours. We owe it to her and the growing legions of good kids to come, to stamp out the Headhunters and brand them the evil soul sucking bastards they are.

Bugger charities like Kidscan - this is the cause that New Zealand celebrities should be supporting without question. It should have been the cause for the Telethon and the Government should backed it up with tougher legislation not food parcels.

So, we want a taskforce of old gang members who have turned their backs against the old ways, Heads of Police, Social Welfare, TPK, and legislators to write rules to break the back of this growing social pestilence.

However we disagree with Paul Holmes. He should always leave the door open for his daughter. She needs to know she is still loved and she can still come home. He should, even in her darkest hour, never stop talking to her, making sure she can always find her way, as its going to be a hell of a long road for her to travel on her own with the demons on her back .


B.S. said...

"Bugger charities like Kidscan - this is the cause that New Zealand celebrities should be supporting without question." - absolutely. Excellent post BB - there is a lot more to this topic that can and will be written I suspect.

James said...

Until you (and most Kiwis ) are prepared to face the fact that prohibition is not working and why,you are wasting your and everyone elses time.

By supporting prohibition you are virtually saying to gangs...."he's my kid,come and get him!"

Sorry but it needs saying...

observer said...

While I agree that a child is yours for life, no matter how you become the parent, there is another message that needs to be given to Paul Homes and his ilk - "Don't give your kids more money than they have sense for".

While I'm not, and never have been, on the poverty line, I have also been somewhat stingy with my four kids - ensuring that they had what they needed for school (including paying their uni fees) and were properly equipped for sporting and other socially acceptable pursuits they wished to follow, but otherwise keeping them on a short fiscal leash.

Celebrity parents, who substitute cash for cherishing, need to ensure their child NEVER has enough cash to buy drugs (including alcohol) unless they've earned it themselves, and don't have any possessions worth enough to be pawned or sold for the same ends. My experience has been that when they have to earn their 'spending money' young people have too much respect for it than to fritter it away on the first trial absorption of crap.

Anonymous said...

.....headhunters is also the term used for executive search consultants......the content of your blog also applied to this group......anon uk

Anonymous said...

meth is bad and head hunters isnt that a club for gaylords

Anonymous said...

Im sorry but this is a load of grap! How has 'A CELEBRITIES DAUGHTERS DRUG PROBLEM', (may I add that at the age Millie was when she stated using P, theres no f@#% way my 2 sons wodve been the free rein it takes to become involved in this life style), turned into 'HEADHUNTERS ARE RAPISTS'??? Its absolutely ridiculous...and as long as all you people are blaming the gangs for getting your children hooked on P, your children will continue to get hooked on P! Its time everybody stopped blaming the gangs for societies f@#% up's and for everything bad on our streets because its just not true! If anything gangs like the Headhunters keep the underworld of our country(and lets face it there will always be a underworld) under control and with out them our streets would be a lot worse!