Saturday, 8 August 2009


Remember this story about our car being stolen and the subsequent police ineptitude that meant that it was left to us to access the gangs, via our old connections, to track down the car and get it back.

We have just heard on the kumara vine that the fella from the Wairarapa who stole it has been in a bit of bother.

These days he no longer wears a patch. Apparently he was sporting a few bruises a while back as well. We didn't ask for that to happen nor do we condone it. It is probably less related to the theft of our car and more related to the subsequent events.

But neither will we lose any sleep over the fact that he no longer can call himself a member of a gang. So in the end - the one thing that he values more than anything else has been taken from him.

That is a good thing.

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Keeping Stock said...

Good post BB - those who decried Michael and Chester's gang patch bill should maybe have another think.