Saturday, 8 August 2009


Our mate David Farrar has been having a nosebag courtesy of Ngai Tahu. He told me in passing earlier this week that he was a guest of the PR firm that Mark Solomon hires to write all his stuff at the Wellington Chamber of Commerce celeb breakfast this week.

Its a common enough ploy of PR people to invite influential people to enjoy their hospitality. Been there and done that.

I think I suggested to David that he was dining with Ngai Tahu's spinners far too often and they were wanting to take advantage of his position as a serious media influencer. I think I was pretty rude ( actually I was ) but he took it in good grace. My position on Solomon is well documented and David accepts my right to have a differing opinion. I like that in a person.

I think, for the sake of the tribe that Solomon must go.

However it appears for a plate of Bacon and Eggs with some OJ on the side, David has succumbed yet again to the web that was woven by Team Solomon and is happy to sing the praises of Mark.

Its a shame really. A shame that better analysis and probing is not applied to the Ngai Tahu machine.

Solomon is like Helen Clark - he has past his Use By Date. Only difference is Clark was the brains behind the speeches and policy she made.

Solomon, on the other hand relies on the wit and wisdom of others. That does not an inspiring leader make.


Marty Mars said...

Isn't it good that he is using PR? Isn't it good that his PR firm are schmoozing?

Does any major speech giver write their own stuff?

Are you sure that you aren't just pissed off cos they didn't invite you BB.

Anonymous said...

BB are you not in danger breaking your own rules when you started bogging again i.e health and Maori?
Marty Mars is quite right. But as a PR specialist are you not being a little hypocritical?

Anonymous said...

This is great conversation about Ngai Tahu and Solomon, I mean where else can we see it not that Angus and crew have spoken to the Press in chch and told them not to print anything bad about them.