Sunday, 9 August 2009


Collins is getting tough on gangs. Good - bout time someone did. And this is something we have more than a passing interest in

This is going to take the efforts of the whole community and it will require a multi agency approach. This is not just an issue for police and corrections - its also about Social Welfare, Maori and Pacific Island Affairs among others. It is time for zero tolerance. And it is time to really focus on P - We have witnessed its ravages and nothing we have ever seen turns sane people into lunatics in such a ferocious way.

So we are delighted to see Collins take a tough stand, she maybe the first Minister to make a real difference.


Anonymous said...

Really, the cops don't even have tasers yet let alone guns.
It needs doing but unless she is prepared for a firing squad she just won't win. Is she?

Anonymous said...

Do you think it may help having a police commissioner with the fortitude.
They seem incapable of arresting 18 year old boy recers in chch so she will need to give the coppers a bit of backbone.

Alan said...

Talk is very cheap. Eradicating or at least blunting the impact of gangs in a big way is going to
take a lot more than our Policing
and justice systems can provide.
The only thing gangs understand is
the use of force against them and
the dismantling of their core business, crime. You can put up
all the anti gang legislation you like, but unless it is matched by
very firm action, it will go no where.