Wednesday, 19 August 2009


This is an excellent story about a man who stands up for his country in the face of international condemnation from lovers of charismatic mega fauna.

The Canadian prime minister is backing his country's seal harvest, as it's sustainable and traditional. He has made a public show of eating it as a measure of support for Canada's Inuit people.

It is an interesting story in light of the outrage over the dog eating incident here in NZ.

We are fully supportive of people
eating dogs. No- one is going to tell me off for eating my lambs if I want to

And yip they are really cute. But we are breeding them for food. We love seals too but if there is a sustainable population then we defend anyones right to eat them.

Down south Tim Shadbolt is killing stray dogs much t
o the chagrin of the local SPCA.

But wait! There is a solution ! Tim could sell the unwanted dogs to those who want to eat them!

Now there's a plan......


Anonymous said...

Canada's Prime Minister- It doesn't have a president.

Rob Hosking said...

I applaud those in front line against the Baby Seal Threat..

I don't trust those little buggers. Give 'em an inch, they'll over-run us all.