Tuesday, 25 August 2009


We have been watching the very public spat between self proclaimed Westie boy Tau Henare and Rodney Hide.

Now if you like Rodney's play on the Auckland seats or not, you cant help but admire his courage in laying it on the line - he is principled and that makes him a man to admire.

However we are very unimpressed by Tau Henare's posturing
. We want to know what he has done that makes him someone we should admire. What has he done for Maori ? Bugger all from what we can see. He isn't principled enough to walk away on an issue that must gall him.
And today, to top it all off we saw him standing outside Bowen House looking all belligerent.

But that's not the thing that really pissed us off. No he was smoking. Looking like a Pall Mall pin up boy. . Having a fag where everyone could see him. Engaging in the one foul practice that kills more of his kin than anything else.

Maori seats on Auckland Super City will not save the lives of any Maori but good role models that kids can look up to , will go a long way from dissuading a generation of impressionable tamariki from taking up the habit that will shorten their life span.

Shame on you Tau, get your shit together and be the man that everyone can admire. Do something for yourself and you will do something good for your people that will make a difference.


PM of NZ said...

Pita set a very good example when he gave up a few short years ago and earnt a fair bit of respect for that in my book.

Tau could be a positive role model for his ilk by not indulging.

And I can say that. There is none so pure as the reformed.

Lucy said...

Tau is acting like a pillick!