Saturday, 29 August 2009


We like to photograph things from time to time and a mate of ours, who once was a good scribe, is also a lover of the digital still art medium. He has been wandering around town in search of architecturally interesting features and he spied a good 'un in Pipitea Plaza. there was a bit of scaffolding ona new building which added to the angular interest.

He was doing the arty snapper thing when he was approached by a very polite but very insistent bloke who told him he could not take any pics " because it was a government building."

Well says the just as insistent amateur snapper, "I have worked in government buildings and there were no rules on taking pictures of them"

"Sorry" says the insistent security chappy. "You can't take pics of this one and please delete all the ones you have already taken . "

Mate thought this was very odd but he desisted.

Now we are all in favour of our government keeping there ears and eyes on terrorists but bugger me, a few pics of the architecturally interesting office block owned by some very nice Maori fellas is a bit over the top...

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