Tuesday, 14 October 2008


Im biased but Key is winning,

He won on Dribbly showers,
He won with 322 people being made redundant at Carter Holt because of an " inefficient economy"
He won on decade of deficits
He won on putting a cap on public service growth
He won on Nz going down OECD ranks
He won on law and order with our " unexploded time bombs" because of "P"
Clark looked haggard, edgy and unsettled
Clark is being forced to follow debate not lead it
Barry Sopers patsy Spring Bok tour - was handled well by Key
Clark gets a small point for sounding principled about Spring bok Tour
Key says tomorrow more important than yesterday
Key on student loan - cant afford to go universal
Taurima's question has Labour failed Maori?
Clark sounded racist
Key sez more resource needed for literacy and must make school relevant.

Clark out of touch with the social pressure to pay school donations
Key wins with "failure of tens of thousands of kids in economy wont happen on his watch'
Clark wins on managing minority govt
Key -proven leadership in finance - wanted 2 rate finance companys -
Clark DIDNT USE trust issue

key says no deal with maori party - yet

clark still hitched to winston
key change election - need for fresh ideas
clark campaigning for full term

key won 8/10
clark 6/10


Alan said...

I did not see it all, but Key did
look positive and knew his subjects. Clark looked tired to me. I did not think Sainsbury was up to his job.


Yes John Key was great and did better than expected.
I know who I would rather have round for dinner.
John Key.
He came across as a decent, nice, normal guy.
Dear leader was a sourpuss.