Monday, 20 October 2008


John Armstrong has got it right in the Herald this morning - Labour has rejected Nationals offer of advice on the financial crisis is about politics - they have simply put politics before good sense.

And again in the Herald John Sherwin the international tax guru reckons we are staring down the barrel of big increases in GST because of the pool of financial crap we are sinking in because of the burden of our huge deficits.

So its time for all the wise heads to get together and put up a package that will get us through this crisis - because that is what we are heading towards at breakneck speed - a crisis .

But instead all we are likely to see is bitchy backbiting nasty name calling from Clark as she plays the politics of personality -
While Key will be standing on the sidelines wondering what if - and thinking of how he will handle the mess he will be delivered after the election.


alex Masterley said...

I saw Shewins comments this morning and thought "oh shit!".
sadly it is not in either Mr Cullen or Ms Clark's nature to do anything but play politics.
Oh and if Ms Clark thinks Mr Key is inexperienced, then how does she rate Senator Obama, especially as he seems likely to be the next President of the United States of America.

adamsmith1922 said...

Clark's response totally predictable

Media treatment of Key's proposal completely predictable

I now confidently await Clark on white charger to the rescue with her esquire Cullen in attendance

Media to fawn all over performance, with fawning pack led by Kim Hill and the Sounds Like Helen Choir singing
'How Great Thou Art'

pdm said...

The problem that the current government have in this area is simple really.

Key is a leader.

By nature of their work backgrounds Clark and Cullen are followers. They have no idea how to plan ahead and anticipate potential situations - both good and bad.