Monday, 3 November 2008


Apparently. According to Stuff this morning Mr Dunne was a recipient of Velas largesse - What is really disturbing is Mr Dunnes selective memory. We remember the events pretty well. It was a very interesting time. We learnt a lot.
And it appears that Winstons memory is as holey as swiss cheese as well. We find it amazing that anyone can forget about flying in an helicopter and as Peter Talleys helicopter is pretty flash it would be pretty hard to forget flying in it. Or Velas chopper which had lovely leather seats in it - BB never forgot flying in Velas helicopter. We know him as a very generous man with a wonderful wine cellar and a lovely wee boat. Oh look! the Herald has a pic of the chopper! Maybe that will help Winston remember.

We also agree with the Greens - there is a need for an inquiry.

And we have been asked to moderate our language here at RoarPrawn by the Old Tassy devil - so we will - but we want to ask one more question - Where they bloody hell is the SFO?????

And we havent forgotten Hoki and a wee few bits and pieces which will no doubt see the light of day this week. We have just been a bit busy gardening and perusing old documents. Trouble is when they fade a bit they are hard to read. And there is just sooo many of them.

Ka Kite Ano BB


Anonymous said...

So Meurant is/was in Split Croatia, up to what skulduggery this time?

farmer baby boomer said...

John Key needs to get some straight answers from Peter Dunne.If none are forth coming then National needs to consider it's options.Certainly there should no cabinet post without a clear explanation.If National are polling well in Dunnes seat they should go after it.Remember he was with Labour 99.9 of percent of the way with the Electoral Finance Act.

Anonymous said...

Vela trawling Royal Red Prawns, no other company could get exploratory licence. PayBack for Meurant= Croatia

To Farmer Baby Boomer.

You should know re occupation, Dunne was still wet behind ears. He was used. Dumb, but join the queue.