Friday, 3 April 2009


Questions to ponder

Who among the Auckland intellegensia has a puppy walker for the family labraspoodle?

Which hirsute and toothy marine mammal likes Christmas coming?

Who is the ex Labour party staffer who is so pissed off that he set up fake twitter accounts for Cunliffe, Jones and Cosgrove?

What the Hell has happened to H2?

How long will Shane Jones last before he walks from parliament suffering from terminal boredom?

And just where is Immigration at with the Bill Liu /Shane Jones scandal?

Which Wellington PR firm with strong Labour ties has laid off people in bulk?

Will Cactus Kate get a decent shag next time she comes to NZ?

How many more people no longer want to work for Ngai Tahu?


Inventory2 said...

Here's another for the list: Have the Labour Party wine thieves been charged yet?

Cactus Kate said...

Here's hoping.