Wednesday, 28 January 2009


BB's kitchen was declared the best place to eat in Welly tonight. The diners where a wee bit biased - The kids were here. We had whitebait fritters, pan fried brill fillets, our amazing new potatoes, the fantastic zucchini salad, and a green salad of our lettuces and herbs.Followed by summer berries tossed with meringues and honey laced sour cream dribbled all over.
Brill is one of my favourite fish, it looks like a flounder that has run into the back of a whale and has a very light pinkish flesh- and we bought it on the bone from Moore Wilsons and filleted it .
Its was all moisty and melty - just how good fish should be.


Pete's Place said...

Sounds great, brill is great fish

What wine?

The dressing, what constiuents?

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Anonymous said...

Put the kettle on, I'm coming in . . .