Friday, 2 January 2009

crystal balls

Well if everyone else is doing it we will too.

Our predictions for 2009 are:

Annette King will leave the Labour Party but the exit wont be pretty. The leftys in the lefty party dont like her. And we have heard from more than one quarter that there is a smelly skeleton somewhere.

One of the Maori Party will fall from grace.

The Immigration passport for donation scandal will seriously damage Shane Jones political future.

The international financial crisis will continue to deepen and the tsunami will hit about May.

The Urewera Terror Raids court cases will show that New Zealand has a very nasty core of seriously weird and dangerous individuals.


Anonymous said...

Stephen Jennings made a comment the other day that echo's your point on the financial crisis. It went along the lines of "we ain't seen nothing yet!"


BB, I am in the UK at the moment and the situation is far more serious than in NZ and seems to be getting worse.
Is New Zealand ignorant of what is going on? Is it lucky or what?
But things don't seem too bad back in NZ compared to here.
Things are moving fast and I am amazed at how the scene has changed in a matter of weeks.
Sterling suffered a huge slump a few weeks back and there are fears of more when another per cent or so is slashed off interest rates on Thursday.
The banks in York yesterday seemed very busy, no doubt savers looking for a safe haven.
And today the joblosses continue, with Marks and spencer slashing over 1000.