Saturday, 17 January 2009

Zucchini salad

Well our garden has been taken over by the triffid aka the zucchini. So what to do with them?
Well here is our favourite recipe to date

Ribbon cut the zucchini - as many as you want
sprinkle over lemon juice.
then slurp on some good olive oil
then add garlic and herbs to taste ( our garlic isnt ready so we cheated by using masterfoods garlic and herb seasoning, )
Then add chopped parsely, tomatoes, spring onions. and toss thru.

and salt and pepper to taste but go easy on the salt if you used the cheats garlic and herb salt.

this is a very wet juicy salad, the zucchini leach their juice and its bloody delicious!

If you are left with any juice - chuck it over the nearest lettuce..


Anonymous said...

This is wierd- we have had huge zucchini plants now over 6m x 6m sprout from nowhere, everywhere from chicken yards to lawn/pasture areas- the seeds must have laid dormant for years then at some command all sprouted at once.
Creepy- but tasty.

Keeping Stock said...

Sounds good BB - Mrs Inventory has been doing similar, although she leaves out the garlic in deference to my delicate digestive system - but she finely chops some fresh mint leaves and adds them to the oily mix. The result is, as you say, delicious, and much tastier than steamed zuchinni.

As for the "readymade" salts - have you tried the Masterfoods Sun-dried Tomato and Basil - it's great!