Wednesday, 7 January 2009


We have it on good authority that DB stepped in and dealt a death blow to what was arguably Wellingtons biggest Bar - the Temperance complex. this morning. It was viewed as an ambitious complex by Wellingtons hospitality industry. It's fit out was estimated to be around $3 mil. DB and the Wellington Rugby Union were significant investors. Everyone is asking what Wellington Rugby is up for after the bars and restaurants failed to make good. Sad really - it would have been good to see it take off but we understand that fit out, cost overruns and very high rents meant it was an intemperate investment from day one.

Bizarrely the goss round town is that Steve of Tony's Tire service (TTS)is the mystery buyer of Dockside.
Industry sources reckon he will be about 2- 3 mil out of pocket. What sort of changes will will see?
Since Justine,the goddess of good service left Dockside it hasnt been the same. It is hoped thart Steve,of TTS, who prides himself on service, will change the values of one of our favorite haunts.


sas said...

Tony of Tony's Tyre Service is actually called Steve. I have no idea why.

And Temperance was awful. Full of bridge and tunnel people looking for a 'root'.

euminedes said...

thanks - i vaguely rememberrd that - cheers

Stuart said...

Steve Laing of TTS worked for Motordrome Retreads and when they closed their plant in Palmy he bought a business Tonys Tyres.
He sold the business about 12 months ago to Firestone Bridgestone. Up untill that time TTS had a very close relationship with South Pacific Tyres( Dunlp Goodyear Beaurepairs Frank Allens etc)
Steve agreed as part of the deal to stay on and run/front TTS.
Over the last year it has been reported in the industry that Steve and the head of FS/BS Retail have had a number of clashes and it is understood that that Steve has told heim to stick his job.

The Holy Grail in CHCH has be very sucessful and one of the early backers/shareholders was the Canterbury Rugby Union maybe Wellington was attempting to copy its southern counterparts

Anonymous said...

Fuck. I know you took me to Shed 5 years ago and Cactus did last year, and I knew all about it and also Dockside (the Dry Cleaners), but despite going out almost every third or fourth day and night in Welly, I had not known at all of the existence of the Temperance. Or even where it was till I clicked your links.

Bloody hell.

Holy shit.

How could I possibly have missed New Zealand's biggest bleeding bar?

sas said...

Poneke - you missed NOTHING. It was like a rugby club after party.

Cactus Kate said...


The cool people go to Shed 5. You noticed that while I waved at the peasants at Dockside, perhaps even took a glance at the hot arse of the man who shall remain nameless who walked from Dockside......

I would never take you to Dockside.

And I am suitably delighted that BB wouldn't either.

We have class.

Anonymous said...

And a little birdie tells me that Steve has a former high flying manager from the Rugby Union with him.

Anonymous said...

Mike Banks, former manager of the ABs from John Hart's day is the frontman of the deal. Steve Laing is more of a silent partner.

Kumara Vine says they didn't get much change out of two big ones.

Kia ora to that