Wednesday, 7 January 2009


This is very sad and very wrong. The law of the sea is simple - when someone is in trouble all who are near must go to their aid.

A Japanese sailor is missing after falling overboard during a whaling expedition in the Antarctic. The Dutch protest vessel Steve Irwin is in the area harassing the shit out of the whalers who are going about their lawful business. They arrive on the scene on the pretense of helping but instead they hinder the search for what will be in the icy waters of the Antarctic, a body.

Paul Watson and his crew are not modern day Jack Sparrows or fun loving irascible pirates they are simply terrorists. They will need to come north to fuel soon and it would be a sad day if New Zealand chooses sides and lets them into our country's waters.

While I accept that the majority of New Zealanders do not support Japanese Whaling , neither will those same people embrace the heartless terrorist actions of the Steve Irwin crew.


Anonymous said...

a dead japanese whaler.
cry me a fucking river.

Anonymous said...

A dead Japanese whaler.
Possibly a hard working father, brother,husband, certainly a mothers son, who may not understand what all the fuss is about.
Shame on you Anonymous 1.
Anon 2.

Anonymous said...

I just read a book called "Harpoon: Into the Heart of Whaling".
Since reading it I have a hard time feeling any sympathy for the jap whaling crews. They are scum.