Friday, 16 January 2009


We are on holiday today - Soon to jump on the midday train for the Wairarapa - and the Aussie Rock has bought us flash tickets to the Wings over Wairarapa . shame about the spitfire but we are sure Tom Williams and the crew will have some good stuff to keep avaition buffs like us entertained.

We are also delighted to see that there will be Stewart Island oysters available soon Well done!

And here's some fo the best on the blogs today as well.

Alf - the member from Ekatahuna takes a swipe at us but does it in style - we love that.

Whale Oil has one of the funniest posts on condoms - watch opening it at the office.

and MacDoctor is required reading - funny , irreverant and smart, and this morning he will make you think twice about blaming docs for misdiagnoses.

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