Wednesday, 21 January 2009


We listened to your words Barry and it was a speech that should ignite the passions of your people and given them hope and heart. You told them the road would be hard and there was much to do - you held out the olive branch to the nations who were waiting for a sign that the old regime was gone.

Then you said the the words that made all the other words turn to dust and blow away on the chill wind.
"know that America is a friend of each nation and every man, woman, and child who seeks a future of peace and dignity, and that we are ready to lead once more."

You said you were ready to lead once more. No you are not Barry. You country is in ruins, Your people are standing on the edge of a social financial and economic precipice and your sights should have been on rebuilding you country and showing the rest of the world that you were ready to stand up and help lead the world. Instead you want to lead the world.
We don't want you to lead the world until you can show you can lead your own country.

We do not respect you when you show your arrogance. We will not follow you until you show us what you are capable of. We do not need for your to patronise us or assume that you have a divine right to lead the world.

Pick up your nation, dust them off and get them on the path to prosperity but do not ever tell us that you are ready to be our leader. We may come to you and ask you to help unite the world when we see what you can do.

So go Barry, go to your people - do your best to fix the mess your good country is in and maybe in a while we will come knocking at your door.


Anonymous said...

Every time I heard BO utter the words "yes we can" i always answered do what? that question still remains unanswered.
At this stage all I see is smoke and mirrors and no substance.

Anonymous said...

nothing scares me more than a demagogue who can break people down into nervous emotional wrecks by the force of their words alone. especially when they have no real agenda and little experience. I hope my visions of disaster do not turn into vista's

Anonymous said...

"You country is in ruins, Your people are standing on the edge of a social financial and economic precipice..."

Exactly. In ruins after the long wasteful years of that failed George W Bush Republican presidency.

Thank Christ at last somebody with brains and vision has ascended to the White House.

Cactus Kate said...

Hear hear....

Remember it was the likes of BO pushing for "housing for everyone" who stuffed the US economy int he first place.

The irony is now he is in charge of fixing the mess.

Anonymous said...

what a crock of shit, cactus kate. You must be drinking again.

Democrat politicians did not cause the credit crisis, the bankers did it all by themselves. Clever little shits; theyre probably drinking too much now too.

Anonymous said...

nice bile spit BB, want to finish it with allah ahkbar?

Anonymous said...

anon of 19:09, i agree, CK you are smarter than that- get off the piss.

Alan said...

Anonymous is the one full of shit.
The fact that he is anonymous shows he or she is a coward. The
current crisis in the U.S. actually goes back to Jimmy Carter
who decreed that there be housing for everyone and put it into legislation in the form of shoddy
loan schemes. It was later
reinforced by the Clinton mob. The
Jury is out on Obama, he has it all
in front of him. He might have a
longer 'honeymoon' period than
most presidents but it will not
last indefinately.