Saturday, 31 January 2009


We are with No Minister on this one. The NZ Herald has done a follow up piece on the Bill Liu Scandal Shane Jones passport scandal

We particularly like this bit from Cunliffe - it shows no loyalty to Jones. So, as we have predicted Jones is not going to look good once this investigation is over and its one of the reasons that he was not higher up the food chain when Goff chose his shadow front bench.

Mr Cunliffe would not discuss the case when approached by the Herald before the election but later, under the Official Information Act, the Department of Labour released to the Herald the following passage from Mr Cunliffe's decision: "I have decided that the most appropriate route for this case at this time is for it to continue to be assessed by BSG [Border Security Group - includes fraud and compliance units] as a potential prosecution file. I do not discount the possibility of reconsidering it in the future."

A source close to Mr Cunliffe told the Herald that the minister had erred on the side of natural justice for Mr Liu but was "somewhat surprised" when Mr Jones (delegating for the Internal Affairs minister of the time, Rick Barker), granted Mr Liu citizenship without first discussing it with Mr Cunliffe.

We first read Wisharts piece in Investigate Magazine we I an Wishart kindly let us have a preview and we could see then the story had legs. And we predicted it would be the story that still had to play out this year

And the Herald should have linked to Wisharts story. Fairs fair chaps.


Keeping Stock said...

We're just pleased that the burners have been turned on underneath Cunners

Anonymous said...

Evidently you aren't afraid of the accusations of 'Right-Wing Hypocricy' (note spelling) over this?

Anonymous said...

"This blog is about keeping a watch for any evidence of corruption in our political sphere"
That is *any* corruption, right? I know this is the honeymoon period and all, but with this "crisis", the focus should really be on the Nats, not the has-beens - you know, the ones with actual power? Such parochialism, typical of the monied elites, their hounds and their wannabes, makes a joke of such pretentious claims to vigilance.

Anonymous said...

I refer of course to this:

The fact is, Anonymous, the damage those 'has-beens' - did to the nation will be with us a long time yet, and pretending it lacks relevance because it was last year, for those of us with an attention-span longer than a goldfish on THC, will not wash...

Anonymous said...

Will Cunners ever make prime minister now? I never thought he would, his overbearing smugness is just too obvious, he could never match the popularity and down-to-earthness of Johnny Boy.

Anonymous said...

This will all disappear, another whitewash to come, the police still act as though Labour are the government, hence anything goes.