Thursday, 15 January 2009


Invercargill it seems, is the latest theatre for the the Israel/Gaza conflict. As a political protest its a winner as the story is getting world wide coverage. Shit, there will be pilgrimages to Mustafa Tekinkaya 's shop Mevlana Cafe in Esk St soon. However, as an obvious immigrant to NZ , the Turkish Muslim should leave the battles of another land in that land. I thought that's why most came here - to get away from all the political shit. So Shame on him.


Lucy said...

Ok. So how is the Race Concilliator going t5o act against these 2 idiots?

Bet he is not going to.

However if it was against muslims the whole country would be up in arms.

Anonymous said...

BB, word verification says flockusa, tell me is that tongue in cheek or an invitation to bugger off?

Anonymous said...

Yes - an interesting situation.
Franlkly I think if you own a business you should be able to sell to - or not sell to - whoever you like.
Sort of like buying stuff - as a buyer we decide who we will and wont buy from - so same should apply to sellers.

But when immigrants bring their terror and seperatism etc with them it worries me.

Next thing theyll be wanting to fly their flag of hate and seperatism from - say - the harbour bridge. (only kidding !!)

Frankly they should be told to tidy up their act, or go back to where they came from and practice their hatred there.