Thursday, 1 January 2009

Holiday round up

Magpies feed their half grown chicks on the ground - we put out some stale bread and early in the morning the magpies gather around and the adults feed the young birds.
Orange sponge earplugs can be used to catch salmon in the South Island canals.
Hedgehogs and tractor mowers don't mix.
Mum makes the best Xmas Truffles.
Model airplanes look odd parked up in the canopy of 25 year old trees and chopping down the trees to save the planes is not an option.
One of the sheep on our place is blind but fat.
Flys are a pain - but the new Mortein powerball fly spray really does knock the bastards dead.
Zucchini are the new triffids.
Apple wood chips are very good for smoking eel.
My lettuces are spectacular but the Aussie Rock reckons I should have planted more rocket.
Our boned out stuffed Xmas turkey that said it could feed 16 people actually provided 36 servings and we are all big eaters.
I found a dead slabby trout in the creek that Dad reckons would have gone 7lbs if it had been in good condition.
We saw a satellite last night.
Radio Live's TV3's news feed is superb.
Stephen Kings Just After Sunset, a short story collection is one of his best.

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