Thursday, 8 January 2009


Yip - coming soon - its a shocker. And we reckon itwill see the govt launch an inquiry into one Govt department which had foundered on the rocks of bad management. And they wont be able to defend their actions.

The doors on the closets that contain the skeletons from Labours reign are starting to bust open with the weight of decomposing corpses.

We like that.


Keeping Stock said...

Sounds good BB - any more hints?

Lucy said...

Dont tease BB!!!!! I cant stand the suspense

Anonymous said...

this teasing is very Winston Peters.

Same with the economic tsunami story.

Spaz said...

Anyone in the media knows this is the silly season. Irresponsible, idle journalists "go fishing."
Your piece about the mystery enquiry into the mystery department, makes Winstone almost believeable.
Front up, or shut up till you have facts.

euminedes said...

settle petals. You will get the details in time. And spaz - you know when we go fishing we always bring home the groper.

Anonymous said...

It was there then it's gone.. "Yip - coming soon - its a shocker"
First clue just evaporated leaving me all trembling and half jacked off in my grunds.
Wow! are you a tease BB!!

euminedes said...

sorted it - see latest post. being blonde can be limiting