Friday, 16 January 2009


OOh yuck - Perth does a name and shame on some restaurants - what a bloody good idea. Now we reckon that most of Welly's restaurants are up to scratch and we always check their ratings. But we like the idea of listing the ones who have been prosecuted. We have in the past had a range of food poisonings so anything that can prevent that is a winner in our book.

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Greetings Roarprawn
At Wellington City Council we've generally found the idea of a 'name and shame' list or similar to be largely pointless. Our preferred approach is to inspect restaurants and other food premises regularly - and really get on the case of places that aren't shaping up. This means lots of visits. Usually the recalcitrant owners get the message about hygiene etc very quickly and problems go away.
On the rare occasions that we prosecute, the resulting media publicity almost always proves fatal to the business - they see their customers disappear overnight and they are closed within weeks. Just the threat of prosecution focuses the attention of restaurant owners very, very quickly.
Richard MacLean - WCC Communications