Thursday, 29 January 2009


sorry but we are militant carnivores and shaggin veges aint our thing.

Peta are weird and this proves it


Lucy said...


Stuart said...

These ads were offered to the Network covering the Super Bowl with the intention that PETA would buy time during the Super Bowl to show them.

Yea Right PETA knew that the adds would be rejected but they could use the publicity of the rejection to increase traffic to their web site.
Smart Marketing what other Super Bowl Adds will be embedded in web sites all around the world.

The cost of Super Bowl slots is huge so you do not stuff around and make a crappy Tony Tyre Service type Add you work hard at if and spend the bucks.

I am sure that the production costs of the PETA Adds were well under the cost of typical Super Bowl Add.

These folks have an agenda it is to save all the lovely fluffy animals of the world from the nasty carnivores and all the horrible farmers who totally all their mistreat animals.We need to remember that so way give them oxygen.

Anonymous said...

PETA are absolute nutcases, and are helping to fund the Sea Shepherd dickheads trying to stop whaling in the Southern Ocean. There's a really good Penn and Teller clip on You Tube:

homepaddock said...

These are the people who wrote to Ben & Jerry's suggesting they use human breast milk instead of cow's milk in their ice cream: