Friday, 16 January 2009


Key is saying that the government focus is going to be on SME's - that's good for us because we are a SME. So cutting the red tape, and tax relief will help and the type of initiatives that the Wellington Chamber have initiated make bloody good sense too. Cactus, the icey eyed bint, has some reservations about Mr Weldon - we like to see alternative views and she has raised some valid issues - take a look here. We however, remain Weldon supporters. We would also like to see Alex Sundakov in the mix - if he isn't already, and anyone who has taken a business from 0 - $10 million plus in 5 years - There are more of them than you think and no property developers thank you. Then add in the boys from the Southland Building Society and South Canterbury Finance - they are prudent investment boys and know what a durable investment is. Chuck in Chris Lee as well - He knows what doesn't stack up. And of course Gareth Morgan. And check out what some of the boys in Maori Fisheries have been doing. - They have been wise stewards of a uber freezer full of fish.

There are heaps more - but we don't want to see the same old tired faces at the summit - we want successful new faces. And no sandals, batik skirts, dreadlocks and greenpeace tee shirts.

And the Mantra is a simple one - Governments don't create jobs Businesses create jobs - its the governments job to create the environment for businesses to create jobs. Simple.

We also want to be part of the task force that gives the public service a shake up - Public services are pissing themselves laughing at the government - you see in the time honoured tradition of public service they started to shift money, hide money, change the names of projects and whole departments, mid last year so that they could front up to the new boys and say savings - sure we will give you savings, when really Ministers will be presented with some manipulated accounts. So it will need an external review to ensure that there is no shilly shallying.


Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, yes.

Cactus Kate said...

Stand by your man.......stand by your man.......

You are still thinking about Weldon in speedos Busted Blonde.

Did he even write the plan himself? Or is he the "face" of a deeper conspiracy?