Thursday, 15 January 2009


We are delighted that Key has chosen Weldon to chair the summit that's aimed at sorting shit. He's an ideas man and thats what we need.
We also did a bit of scan of the SOE lists of board members and boy are there some lightweights - even some bird who lists among her achievements- Aerial ribbon gymnastics to fill out her profile. We didn't know if we should laugh or cry and there are some bad balance sheets among the SOE's - we smell a clean out coming.
There is also another really good thing about the appointment of Mark Weldon. Both he and Key are easy on the eye. So it will be much easier hearing bad news from some thinking girls eye candy.


Anonymous said...

nice call. think these guys will get things done.

MikeE said...

I'm sorry, I'm all for the new government - but this is a Conference. How on earth is this headline news.

I've put together events for years, and had some very high level people chairing them on all manner of important matters. None of which was the lead headline in the paper.