Wednesday, 14 January 2009


Fran O'Sullivan yet again gives a column that sets out succinctly what the big issues are for the Key govt.

Tomorrow is a day for some bold creative thinking and a clear indication that we have visionary leadership in Key. We like the phrase "rolling maul" Key has used to describe his Jobs Summit - it sounds bold, and ballsy and that's what we need. We need a plan and it needs to be clearly articulated to the public so using the rugby analogy will help it connect with the public.

Fran talks about some suggestions from Mark Weldon around provisional tax. Provisional tax is a bitch. It's a nightmare for small businesses with rollercoaster cash flows. Key should sort it and quick. We will be forever greatful and it will lessen the reliance on Gaviscon at certain times of the year.

We also want to see more accountability from the fat and lazy SOE's. No more using monopolistic units to fund risky commercial forays. Forays that often mean that SOE's bugger up commercial opportunities for companies that don't have access to "free money." It's time someone in the business press did an up close and personal analysis of the financial performance of the SOE's - some of balance sheets do not make for pretty reading.

And the boards should be stripped of the Labour lackeys and replaced with some more commercially minded successful and visionary businessmen and women, quick smart.

There is much the new Key team can do - We want to see some inspired ideas, we want to see courage and we want to see the bold leadership we voted for.

Kia Kaha John, Kia Kaha.


Anonymous said...

A few ideas for starters: encourage a culture of excellence in business; actively scour the world for the best talent; tighten laws on monopolistic business practices; make it easier for companies to get rid of non-performing staff; make promotion based on merit; invest heavily in technology; leverage on NZ being the first coutry to see the day; develop downtime service industries for businesses in other time zones; identify growth industries and bend over backwards to get them here; get rid of – of significantly water down – the RMA; pay top professionals globally competitive rates; encourage a broader culture of success and achievement; teach kids to be entreprereneurs rather than bloody All Blacks ...

Anonymous said...

They should swallow their pride and get some Australian advice.

They need to turn prime indicator stats around with policy immediately, not use rugby analogies to con the plebs.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmm -I have a feeling that this runs the awful risk of Uncle Helens conference that was run a few years ago and resulted in absolutely nothing - Zilch, zero.

New Zealands biggest weakness is the quality of our senior managers. Take the top 10 or 20 on the NZX and plot the value those shares would have got for you over a 5 or 10 or 20 years period. I did this once and they returned about 10% over 10 years capital growth (- and many of them were not there 10 years after the start)

No one with half a brain will put their money into these guys. Look at how hopeless Fonterra have been handling the Sanlu case - both right back when it started and recently when they issued comments on what the CEO was saying in court. When ( not if) Finterra floats would you trust you money with them ?