Friday, 16 January 2009


Like all Wellingtonians, BB keeps a keen eye out for Blanket Man. Last we heard the judge said he could get out of jail for Christmas if he wore undies.
We can report that he was sun bathing on the Sports Cafe corner of Courtney Place yesterday soaking up the rays.
Without doubt we can assure the judge that the human eyesore has invested in some gruts. Tight fitting black undies - and nothing. What a relief! However the Judge should have made him invest in a new blanky and some deodorant - you can smell the bugger a block away.

Today's Dominion Post recorded that the flash Dockside restaurant was purchased by tyreman Tony. (Just a week behind Roarprawn.)
Also reported that former All Black manager, Mike Banks, will be the front man.
By the way, Tyreman Tony payed a cool $1.9 million.

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Cactus Kate said...

I'm sorry but he's not a national treasure, this guy is just fucking disgusting. You'd pay him not to stand outside your business.

Wellington Zoo could legitimately put him in a cage. After all, he has no shame in being some sort of public attraction. Te Papa in a plastic ventilated, deoderised and sterilised enclosure? Then at least the taxpayer could recoup from his disgusting habits. Or Poneke could find a spot for him up in the rose garden.

Seriously though this guy should be in a psych ward ahead of many who are there. I don't know why authorities haven't stepped in sooner. If the State provides these facilities and he doesn't qualify I never wish to see how fucked up people are who are actually in them.