Monday, 26 January 2009


We think that Meurant has had some sort of religious experience. Today he feels qualified to take a poke at the police over the shooting of a bystander in the wake of the pursuit of of a gunman in Auckland. We hope they poke back. The accidental shooting of innnocent bystander, Halatau Naitoko, is probably the worse thing that could happen to any policeman. The situation is still confused and the inquiry will take some time to complete. Meurant may know a lot about the law but its debatable if he understands the notion of justice and he like the rest of the country should stand aside and let due process take its course.
It seems nothing has changed really. He is still a big noting tosser.


Stuart said...

It is interesting that Ross will open his mouth on Police matters yes he has some knowledge but on other matters he has knowledge of he prefers to stay under the radar. Little matters like in regards to fisheries and donations to political parties.

Anonymous said...

Ross Meurant must be getting old. Selective hearing defect has a twin Selective morality.
He needs to seek a cure and apparently the only one known is an honest and complete disclosure

Anonymous said...

Meurant is an egotist full of his
own importance. More over he was always the bully except when it came to one on one when the odds were stacked against him. Then he
became a shrinking violet as a
truck driver proved several years ago in the Waikato. As always full
of bluster and no substance

Anonymous said...
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Lucy said...


Anonymous said...

Split, or anywhere far far away, is the best place for Meurant - and media ignore