Wednesday, 28 January 2009


This is not tidy. We hope that there is documentation showing clearly that Fonterra would not tolerate any level of Melamine in Milk.

If not this will drag on and will continue to damage the milk giant as it plays out.


Anonymous said...

there's a huge difference between 20mg per kilo which the EU does allow(a measure used to permit for some leaching between wrapping material and the product) and the 2350mg/kg that Sanlu was actually shipping?

an indavertent oversight? or a deliberate criminal act?

sounds like the Sanlu director is trying to fling a bit of the proverbial in the hope some will stick.

Anonymous said...

Well Nige....... she's been successful hasnt she - and fonterra are playing right into her hands.

Maybe its been arranged for this too happen ...

but I doubt they have the brains to do that.