Thursday, 8 January 2009


We are off to lunch at Shed 5 today . It is hard to grasp that our world is going to be impacted by the growing global economic crisis when its sunny, most people you know still have jobs and you have money in the bank, but the story in the Herald today clearly shows the impact the recession is having on export earnings and the news is real bad. Its the biggest drop in 20 years. We reckoned it will be June before the first cold chill of the Tsunami really hits our fair shores. We hope that everyone is getting ready - it aint gonna be pretty.

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Anonymous said...

The comment has been made by Steven Jennings over the Xmas break that we ain't seen nothing yet.
Looking at the carnage in the UK, Woolworths, Wedgewood etc one suspects that the same may be in the offing for some of the major retailers here in NZ about June or July as you suggest.