Tuesday, 27 January 2009


As much as bloody old curmudgeon Alf Grumble MP , the member for Ekatahuna ( his nickname is "wee willy" by the way) would have you believe, we are not a doom spewing dame like Cassandra

He has his cravat in a knot over our concerns about the economy.

Reckons we are too negative. But does appreciate our breasts. He is not alone in appreciating our assets. He calls BB a lass but well, as we have lost all our wisdom teeth and a back bicuspid chewing on one too many birdy heads, it is fair to say we are fortyish and fab, buxom and bodacious, wrinkly and reckless but alas a lass no more.

So "wee Willy" Grumbleguts - here is our list of things to be pleased about.

  • We are fit and well endowed.
  • Georgina te HeuHeu has employed some thinking women's crumpet as her advisor - and he is smart as well.
  • We have some lovely new clients.

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Anonymous said...

So when does JC get to dump Broad?

SDP Ranger