Friday 8 January 2010


New Zealand watercraft Ady Gil left drifting in Antarctic. The
clear stripe seen below the horizon is fuel leaked from the Ady Gil.

Drifting Ady Gil and leaked fuel spreading over the sea surface
behind the watercraft. The Ady Gil hatches were left open in apparent
attempt to facilitate its sinking.

The abandoned Ady Gil still afloat. The green cords are remains
of a hawser used to try to entangle the Shonan Maru No.2 rudder and

The Shonan Maru No.2 retrieved several lethal-force bowgun arrows
drifting among the Ady Gil debris (Part1). The Ady gil fuel film sheens in
the water surface.

The Shonan Maru No.2 retrieved several lethal-force bowgun arrows
drifting among the Ady Gil debris.

These pictures are proof that Sea Shepherd members are liars and that they have conned a gullible media and the world. They should be fined for not alerting the authorities to a navigation hazard as is the obligation of all seafarers.


Horizon Charters Guadalupe Cage Diving said...

We would like to congratulate Sea Shepherd and Animal Planet on a fantastic staged event for television - perhaps one of the best staged disaster moments of 2010.

As production people ourselves we know the hazards and very real dangers of staging live disasters for television. It's a highly technical world only professionals can effectively operate in.

Multi-million dollar staged disasters are often canceled at the last minute due to OSHA compliance or studio fears of death and dismemberment. Sea Shepherd on the other hand have found a way to circumvent all of the requirements for staged disaster television by only allowing all volunteer crews and staging the event against non paid, non union, Japanese whalers.

By-passing all clean environmental requirements for television productions by producing this man made disaster in the Antarctic ocean was another master stroke. The clean up of several thousand gallons of bio diesel spilled by the Ady Gil and retrieval of the vessel from the sea floor would have cost Sea Shepherd and Whale Wars production millions if this disaster had been filmed in the USA.


Managing to move Sea Shepherds $2 million dollar vessel Ady Gil into the path of Japanese whalers was a stroke of nautical timing by a seasoned captain who knew his vessel, and the direction wind, waves, and engines were carrying it. Catching the whole thing on video from the Bob Barker at just the right angle was pure reality television.

We were doubly impressed with the witty and show branding quote from SSCS Paul Watson immediately after the stunt "Now we're in a Real Whale War!" reminding the global audience that this is, after all, Must See TV!

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society have proven to be much evolved from the earlier staged days of Paul Watson being shot by Japanese whalers. In terms of production quality and emotional leverage that staged event was not one of the top three of the 2007 reality television season.

Kudos again to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and Animal Planet for once again leading the way to a new decade of reality television. The disaster staging keeps getting better and better, and your circumvention of all production norms and safety regulations allows your organization to literally shoot for the moon.

We're looking forward to more man made disasters in the coming months!

Anonymous said...

wow. first of all, the hatches dont help it sink when theres 8 feet of bow cut off. second, how did they manuvere infrot of the harpoon ship when there engines were off, and it came at them at full speed. 3rd, leathal bow-gun arrows? if you knew anything about bows and arrows, the lethality depdns almost completly on the bow, and that it's quite hard to hit somthing the size of a human when you have a while to aim on shore, staying still. going 30= knots, down in the antarctic with crazy winds, theres a low chance of hitting the ship, forget about whalers. and i saw no "clear stripe" in the pictures, and the sea shepherds went back on the sinking ship to remove all remaing fuel. also, the ship was waiting for another sea shepherd vessle to refuel when this happend, they had almost no gas left on board. it was probally dumped by the whalers to try to get sea shepherd in trouble.

if you delete this your rather evil, completly biased, and probally are being payed by the whalers.

Anonymous said...

I saw the video of the Japanese ship turn and slam right into the SS's Ady.

Shark Diver you are a biased idiot who probabaly makes a living off of baby seal skins.