Tuesday 12 January 2010


An old mate of ours in Brisbane reckons the tiding is going out for Sea Shepherd. We agree.

Heres a link to a superb article in the Brisbane Courier Mail

He has some gems worth noting

Sea Shepherd captain Paul Watson once again blowing off great clouds of sanctimonious steam as only true zealots of any persuasion can do.

Poetry that is - poetry

Paint me cynical, but I'd reckon Captain Paul has managed to milk far more than $2 million in publicity out of the stunt in the past few days. In that respect the whales are just as much cows of the ocean ripe for exploitation for Sea Shepherd as they are to the Japanese.

Nor do the eco-pirates have any right to claim the high moral ground in terms of maritime law here.

This mob make a living out of harassing and interfering with such operations: cutting across the bows of whaling ships to mess up a harpoon shot, throwing missiles of rancid butter and stink bombs at the vessels and allegedly trying to foul their propulsion gear.

Yip we agree - the ecoterrorists have no claim on the moral high ground

The Sea Shepherd approach is the same sort of fundamentalist extremism that makes anti-abortion activists in the US think it's justifiable to firebomb fertility clinics, or that prompts those ratbags from PETA to embark on similarly destructive campaigns of intimidation.

Yip eco terrorists to a man and woman.

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