Friday 29 January 2010


We rocked on 2nite to ACDC. It was

We were in a box which is a nice place to be when you are the same age as the band.

The energy of Angus Young was un- F***king Believable.
The stage was awesome and the special effects amazing.

It was cool that son and heir was at the same concert - it made us feel young.
It was even cooler that his mates who dossed down for the nite brought blue cod and paua.
There was a great crew in the Box to have fun with, media, political and energy industry types.

And tonight was the last night we will be guest of this particular corporate, as our mate the BOIL has got a very good job offshore and we have been recipients of her fab hospitality on many a memorable occasion.

We will miss her but the girls have vowed that we will have regular BOIL UP's to collect the gossip to dispatch to her across the sea.

But who was the crazy cow who did a titty flash???!!!

Her name and her shame will forever remain secret.

However, she bore a striking resemblance to this chick

So if you want a good night out - get along to the Saturday concert - even if you aint fans of the music, the spectacle and the atmosphere are worth indulging in.

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Watermannz said...

Thanks for the Rosie pic - she was hot! Ten from ten for ACDC, especially Brian and Angus - they really worked it. Down at ground level is was just as you describe - spectacular.