Thursday 7 January 2010


This clearly shows the Ady Gil crew deserved everything they got. The are pirates and idiots.

And it is clear that the Japanese vessel tried to minimise the impact.

And for the record we do not and never have worked for the Japanese Cetacean Institute or
Omeka Communications or Glen Inwood

However Glen Inwood is a very good mate.

We are simply an independent advocate for the rights to harvest any living thing as long as it is done sustainably.


Medusa said...

Well done BB, if only this could be shown on news, but none of us are holding our breath.

PM of NZ said...

Nice to see reverse gear still works on a 40 knot plus chilly bin post-collision.

Also vessels of the size of the Jap ship change heading easily in a seaway, sometimes up to around 30 degrees. So what looks like a starboard turn from head on, is more likely from falling off a wave in the half decent seaway.

workingman said...

Marty Mars

Are you watching the same video as me? The whaler did all it could to avoid the AG. The AG broker all the collision regulation rules.

1) Small boats have to give way to large ships. Quite obvious really as small boats are much more manoeuvrable.
2) The AG should not have stopped in the way of another ship if it was taking the right of way. A vessel must maintain its course and speed.
3) When it was obvious a collision was going to happen the AG should have taken all possible action to avoid collision. It did not do this.

So this looks to me like the AG playing chicken with a big ship and getting caught out of its depth, literally.

Of course the AG, under its previous name, has quite a reputation for reckless navigation, leading to loss of life on that occasion.