Tuesday 26 January 2010


We have reported on the website Ngai Tahu established by Te Runanga O Ngai Tahu newbie Tahu Potiki.

His website indicates a welcome and new level of hitherto unseen transparency by runanga representatives.

We have also been given a bit of good oil on the latest meeting of the "Table" as the meetings are known as.

Firstly new member Quentin Hix is a well known figure in South Canterbury, a barrister and solicitor. Its great to see someone with a legal background join our tribal leaders but by all accounts , Mr Hix could do with a smidgen more humility.. And he can probably be forgiven for talking lots - he is used to holding the floor in court.

However BustedBlondes first rule for newbies on any organisation - the ratio of listening to talking should be about 95/20.

That being said the general consensus is that Hix is a good appointment and he has the added bonus of looking good too.

There are still a few elections to be held, the most important being Kaikoura, the last bastion of current Ngai Tahu chair Mark Solomon. We note that while all other runanga have at least begun the election process that Kaikoura are still trying to work out what process they will follow.

We have heard that there is a new air of co-operation at The Table and maybe that relates to the tenuous hold some representatives have on their positions.
However, we are mightily pleased with this new cohesion at the Table as it all bodes well for a good year for Ngai Tahu Whanui.

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