Wednesday 13 January 2010


We think this is the most interesting story of the day. We call it scrubbing - there is probably a geek name for it
( and we would like to know what it is ) but its when info on a particular issue " disappears" on the net.

We witnessed it first with the Chinese reaction to the Melamine scandal and along with a couple of other bloggers we wrote about it at the time.

However we dont think that The Chinese are the only ones who purge the net of info they dont want in the public arena. We came across what we think is another example the other day and we will give you an update when we get concrete proof.

Anyway - we will track this story. Its the beginning of the dark arts of PR being played out in the big cloud and it has huge implications for the integrity of information on the net.

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Anonymous said...

Ha, just ask Mr William Connelly of Wikipedia and member of the climate "Team" with Mann and Jones.
5000 articles changed or omitted so he must know!