Wednesday 27 January 2010


We got a call last night from someone whom we think probably lives in Manila ,saying she was from Telecom and wanted to talk about a good deal on my Cellphone plan.

Anyway after a quick scan of my account she declared she could replace my current plan with its monthly usage which sets us back about $200 a month for another plan that would cost $90 a month on the new XT network and i would get a new free phone.

Cool , I said a free phone! I had been thinking about upgrading my blackberry. Oh dear she said sorry I could have any other phone but a blackberry...

I told her she had just lied to me as she had said i could have a free phone..

After a while I got sick of the too-ing and fro-ing that was going nowhere and said that I wanted her to email me with the details and the offer she had given me over the phone.

I have yet to see a thing but then again Telecom was probably a bit busy today..

And the reason we have to stick with Telecom is simply because of coverage.

Otherwise we would have ditched them years ago.

Bastards they are - bastards.

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