Sunday 24 January 2010


We spent a "news free" day, doing a spot of gardening, and pickle and jam making.

We made corn relish, Strawberry jam and mixed fruit jam.

The Mixed fruit jam is very cool. It has plum, red ones and green gage, rhubarb, and elderberries. Apart from the red plums the rest of the stuff came from the garden or the hedgerows.

And not to put too fine a point on it - its bloody delicious - tart fruity and complex- and it looks very cool as well as the black elderberries have stayed whole and they explode in your mouth. Jam caviar.

Recipe is very simple. cut up and weigh fruit. Use the same weight in sugar. Use some pectin jam set as on the packet, or buy some of the new whizzy jam sugar with pectin in it .
Bottle - eat and repeat..

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