Thursday 7 January 2010


One of the most fascinating things about uploading the U tube vid was the comments section – There were over 700 comments before U Tube decided for some yet to be explained reason to ban it.

Here is a selection of some of them

For a start some thought we were Japanese

You are a pro whaling wanker remove this you slanty eyed fucker ....

Idiot japanese commemters...Please T R Y to show an IQ over 23...
I KNOW you are working for the not be fooled by this..
O Genki des ka?...hehe.Sayonara Japs! You have really SHOWED yourselves to the world now...!
I feel PITY for you...

Fuck the japanese.....

Then someone who was a little bit more dramatic.

You greedy fucking murdering pieces of $hit!!!!!!!!

And this was definitely worrying

I am so upset about this, I am going to go kill myself.

Everyone else who is upset, please join me.

Some referred to the less than truthful past of Paul Watson

I remember Paul Watson contacting the western media 2 years ago to spread the news that two Sea Shepherd activists had been taken hostages by the Japanese whalers... Then, in Animal Planet's Whale Wars (season 1), you would learn he purposedly send them onboard the Japanese catcher boat to create an incident.

This so called "ramming" smells like the same strategy to get press coverage and defame the whalers.

Others were worried about more material things

Look at all the crap that came out of the nose of that thing, they should be ticketed for littering.

Others saw the selective morality of the issue.

It's funny how everyone hates the Japanese for whaling, but no one ever says anything about the Eskimos in Alaska that still whale legally. ....

Who the hell do these jerks think they are harrassing another country's shipping fleet because they disagree with their politics?
Time for the Japs to flex and shake off a few fleas

Then someone suggests that it was all good PR for Sea Shepard .

Great fundraising for Sea Shepherd. We just doubled our regular monthly contribution. It will stay doubled throughout 2010. Our Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend checks will go to Sea Shepherd as well. Whaling is a primitive and anachronistic cultural practice fit only for unevolved cultures.

And a few years ago we didnt think that this was possible as strong was the anti whaling sentiment - however as this poll in The Australian shows - more people think the protestors were at fault.

Results: Whaling showdown

Who do you think is to blame for the collision between a Japanese whaling ship and Sea Shepherd protest boat?

  • Whalers 47.06% (1327 votes)
  • Protesters 52.94% (1493 votes)

Total votes: 2820

Funniest of all is that the Ady Gil played the Tiki Taane song Tangaroa as its war cry.. We reckon that Tangaroa thinks that the Ady Gil is a Joke.

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